San Francisco’s legendary punk unit Rancid have announced that their collection of B-sides and rarities will drop before the new year. The set, which will be released through the three-time AP cover stars’ own label, Machete, is set to hit shelves nationwide on Dec. 18.

Track listing:
1. Ben Zanotto
2. Stop
3. Devil's Dance
4. Dead And Gone
5. Stranded
6. Killing Zone
7. 100 Years
8. Things To Come
9. Blast 'Em
10. Endrina
11. White Knuckle Ride
12. Sick Sick World
13. Tattoo
14. That's Entertainment
15. Clockwork Orange
16. The Brothels
17. Just A Feeling
18. Brixton
19. Empros Lap Dog
20. I Wanna Riot
21. Kill The Lights

Have yet to get your daily dose of Rancid? Get it now with this 1995 Rancid classic: