Panic! At The Disco have posted a mysterious message on their website for fans to decipher. The shenanigans began on Wednesday when P!ATD posted a bizarre Myspace bulletin with a link to their website stating, “and so it begins…” The link brought fans to a blank page with 23 boxes, some containing characters, others left blank:

“_ O_ _D_N_ _H_V_ _ T _ _ _ _ R _Y_”

Could this be the title of their upcoming album, which is due out Mar. 28, 2008?

According to a spokesperson for Atlantic Records, said that the mystery was “a puzzle…something for fans to figure out,” while the band’s manager Bob McLynn, would only offer that “Panic got drunk and created an insane body of work in Vegas.”

Despite fans’ speculations, P!ATD have yet to comment on the message or explain what it will reveal once it has been decoded.

What message are P!ATD trying to convey here? Leave us your thoughts!