The wife of Hawthorne Heights‘ Casey Calvert spoke out about his autopsy report in an article in the Cincinnati Post. An excerpt from the article says:

Calvert’s wife, Ashley Calvert, a high school teacher in Oxford, said Tuesday that she worried the results left room for people to make negative assumptions about her husband’s actions.

"From what I know of Casey, he definitely wasn’t abusing anything. … All the medications he was taking were prescribed by his doctors," she said.

She said Calvert had prescriptions for depression and panic attacks, which account for the citalopram and clonazepam in his bloodstream.

She said the opiate was likely Vicodin, a powerful painkiller, which had been prescribed for the musician Nov. 17, following a root canal three days before. He wasn’t able to go back to the dentist to replace a temporary filling, she said, before starting a 28-date national tour the day after Thanksgiving.

She believes the tooth must have been hurting him after the band’s first performance the evening before his death. The interaction of the drugs "caused a bad reaction. It was just a horrible accident."

Calvert passed away in his sleep sometime during the night of Nov. 23 or early morning Nov. 24 in Washington D.C. The band were in town to play a show at the 9:30 Club.