San Francisco hardcore-punk act Set Your Goals has announced the departure of lead guitarist Dave Yoha. Their former guitarist, Dan (who Yoha originally replaced), will be filling in on the Australia/Japan tour while the band has another friend in mind to take over for their UK tour in February with Gallows. Vocalist Matt Wilson issued the following message:

So the time has finally come to announce Dave’s departure from the band. He’s expressed to us that the full-time touring lifestyle is no longer right for him, at least not at this point in his life. We support him and there are no hard feelings.

Dave gave us notice he would be leaving SYG about a month ago but up until now, we had kept things mostly under wraps and only a few close friends of the band were notified of the unfortunate news. We did this because we do not want our inbox, emails, and voicemails flooded with people asking us to try out. We already have some friends in mind who we’re going to try out for lead guitarist so PLEASE do not contact us asking to try out. I REPEAT: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US ASKING TO TRY OUT FOR LEAD GUITAR! Our old guitarist Dan (who Dave originally replaced) will be filling in for our Australia/Japan dates, and we already have a friend of the band in mind for the Gallows UK tour in February.

Tonight (Santa Cruz) and tomorrow (Berkeley) will be Dave’s last shows with Set Your Goals, so please come out and show your support for one of the best dudes I know. Statement from Dave coming soon. He will be missed!


Set Your Goals is one of AP’s Most Anticipated of ’08 (AP 234). Their follow-up to 2006’s Mutiny should be out sometime next fall on Eulogy.