Seattle’s glam-Goths Aiden have already been successful in supporting their new Victory album, Conviction, but they’ve taken their sound a couple steps further via the new Lost Boys movie. Covering the original Gerard McMann 1987 classic, “Cry Little Sister,” the band’s singer wiL Francis provides chilling vocals to an appropriate backdrop.

"When we were approached to be a part of the new Lost Boys movie I was beside myself,” explains Francis. “Being such a fan of the original I could hardly set my excitement aside. This is a great opportunity for us to pay homage and be a part of something spectacular."

The full track can be heard on Aiden’s Myspace. Lost Boys 2:The Tribe is now available on DVD, its soundtrack available in most record stores. The video for, “Cry Little Sister,” can be found here.

In addition to his soundtrack vocals, Francis will release his debut album from his solo side project, William Control. The Victory release, entitled Hate Culture will hit stores October 28th.