Thrice will be issuing the entirety of The Alchemy Index on vinyl. The release will come via Vinyl Collective / Vagrant, and according to VC overseer Virgil Dickerson, will come packaged in a cloth box set.

Being that each of the four EPs — Fire, Water, Air and Earth — all run past 20 minutes apiece, it's presumed the forthcoming box set will contain a 12" record for each element.

With the set delayed due to the band's wishes for it to have the special packaging, the official release date seems to be as yet undetermined.

The Alchemy Index was originally issued in two compact disc installments over the past nine months — Volumes I & II (Fire & Water) in October 2007 and Volumes III & IV (Air & Earth) this past April.

Guitarist Teppei Teranshini recently revealed that the band's contract with Vagrant is up and their next move is undecided.