Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of Kenosha, WI modern thrash outfit Lazarus A.D. "Have no doubts that Lazarus A.D. is a thrash band, but merely in attitude as their sound is no simple throwback to the 80s bay area sound," boasts the label. "They breathe a breath of fresh air into modern thrash with intelligent, memorable riffs, mid-tempo grooves, and high-flying solos." The band, formally known as simply Lazarus, recorded The Onslaught with Chris Djuricic (Soil, November’s Doom) in January 2007. James Murphy (ex-Death, Testament) masterd the album and is now re-mixing it for an early 2009 worldwide release via Metal Blade. A word from the band:

"We are extremely stoked about being a part of the Metal Blade family. It is a great home for us, and we know together we are going to accomplish everything we have set out to do and so much more. When the record is released, I don’t think we are gonna see home much, we plan to tour for pretty much the rest of our natural lives!"