Suburban Home have added Joey Cape (of Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut, and the Playing Favorites fame) to their roster. The label will be releasing his first solo album since doing a split full-length with Tony Sly in 2004, Bridge.

Suburban Home has this to say:

Coming off the very exciting news that we will be putting out Useless I.D.’s next album which I announced last week, I have even more great news. After a phone call with Mr. Joey Cape last night, we have agreed to release his first solo album, “Bridge” in North America. I have no hesitation saying that Joey Cape is one of the greatest songwriters on the planet and I feel like someone should pinch me because I could not dream up a more incredible piece of news to share with you.

Suburban Home will release “Bridge” in North America on Vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Joey had mentioned the possibility of a bonus track not available on the European and Japanese versions, but I can’t completely confirm that. We are aiming to release the album in October which could possibly be the same month we new release albums from Useless I.D., Drag the River, Tim Barry, and Two Cow Garage!

Joey Cape himself added the following:

The strange part of all this is, now that it is done, I’m not sure how to feel. It is my first attempt at making a solo record, something I am totally unfamiliar with. I know this, I will never make a record this way again. From now on, no second guessing or obsessing. Ultimately, I am proud of this record. I made something I like and it’s time to move on. I hope most of you will appreciate it. I have decided to call it “Bridge”. I think the musical metaphor is appropriate because it is something new for me and it will lead me to another place as a songwriter, whether it be a better appreciation of my craft or the butt of another songwriter’s joke. Either way, I’m on my way.