Circa Survive are now free agents, according to a post made by drummer Steve Clifford.

The seeming departure from Equal Vision Records ends a considerably lengthy partnership with the label, who’d released all the band’s recorded material to this point, including their first EP, 2005’s The Inuit Sessions, and their past two full-lengths, 2005’s Juturna and last year’s On Letting Go.

Band members Brendan Ekstrom and Colin Frangicetto have an even longer relationship with the label, as the pair were part of This Day Forward whose final full-length, In Response, was released by EV in 2003.

Additionally, Clifford reveals in the post that the band’s recording relationship with producer Brian McTernan may have ended as well. “Pretty sure we won’t go back to McTernan [for the next full-length],” the fragmented statement says. McTernan handled production duties on both the band’s full-lengths and three-fourths of The Inuit Sessions.

The band is currently at rest while vocalist (and current AP cover star) Anthony Green tours in support of his solo record on Photo Finish, Avalon.