Set Your Goals have become free agents after the band was bought out for $125,000, which was given to their now former label, Eulogy Recordings.

Though the band never openly criticized their label in blogs, bulletins or otherwise, their newest song, "The Fallen," was posted approximately one week before Eulogy’s May 2008 reissue of 2006’s Mutiny!, and contained lyrics like "Some stop feeling love for all the places they come from. /
A person I will not become. /
A jaded liar, unforgivable." and "No, we never knew. (This is the last time you will have us.) /
Don’t buy what they sell you.
(You’re lawless and purely dishonest.) / No, we never knew.
(A scandal that we have funded for you.) / Don’t buy what they sell you. (Make no mistake this all is about you.)"

The band is currently writing the followup to Mutiny! and likely looking for a new label to call home.