While this news is several weeks old, one might find it interesting to know that Bobby Darling, currently of Search/Rescue and the inactive Gatsbys American Dream, has teamed up with Forgive Durden’s Thomas Dutton for a side project dubbed Zero Cool. You can stream their first completed song, "Godzilla," here, or download the MP3 here.

As of August 2, Zero Cool had the "skeletons" of nine other songs tracked.

Search/Rescue self-released their debut, The Compound, earlier this year, while Gatsbys has been all but inactive since the release of their self-titled effort on Fearless in 2006. Dutton became the only member of Forgive Durden last year or so, though around the same time he also finished recording the followup to 2006’s Wonderland (Fueled By Ramen); any news on a possible release has failed to surface since.