From A Second Story Window have decided to break up, citing shifting trends in the heavy music landscape and a desire to move on to other endeavors as primary factors behind the split. A statement from the group reads:

The past several years for us as From A Second Story Window have been quite a roller coaster ride. We have watched trends come and go, looked on as people grew in and out of an ever undulating "scene", and had the chance to watch something we love, our music, grow into an expression we can all truly be proud of. However, the life in a band is much like those very roads we travel down on every tour; hills leading up, followed by valley’s dipping downward towards vast, level planes where things begin to feel stagnant and a bit too calm. Then around every corner is a new fad or statement that you can either grow with or simply step aside and let it be what it is, knowing that you are no longer connected at all anymore. For us, with this changing musical market and its inhabitants, it is simply our time to step aside and let the flow continue on without us. It is time for us to venture down new avenues of creativity and to find new things to enrich our lives fully.

The rest of the band’s parting statement can be read on their blog here.

The former Warren, Ohio metalcore act put out their final release, Conversations, earlier this year on Black Market Activities.