Cute Is What We Aim For discussed the departure of drummer Tom Falcone in a recent interview with Winnipeg’s The Alternative Star.

“We’re all happy,” said frontman Shaant Hacikyan. “He’s happy doing what he does at home and we’re thrilled to be pursuing our dream. That’s it. You know, sometimes people don’t see eye to eye. […] Whatever happened amongst us is something only we’ll know and we’re fine, we’re comfortable with it, that’s why we don’t care.”

It’s the first real statement from the band regarding Falcone’s departure, who himself cited “personality conflicts and daily drama” as his reasons for leaving.

The band is currently in Canada doing a run supporting Simple Plan, with former Not By Choice drummer Liam Killeen filling in for the time being.

Cute released Rotation earlier this year on Fueled By Ramen.