Cinematic Sunrise have a wealth of news announced.

Firstly, the band will have their debut EP, A Coloring Storybook And Long-Playing Record reissued by Equal Vision on October 14th. Frontman Craig Owens and pianist Bradley Bell should be no strangers to this concept. The EP will be properly distributed unlike the original issue this past May, which was available only at Hot Topics and at, and bear two previously unreleased tracks.

Additionally, the band has posted one of those tracks, "If Lilly Isn’t Back By Sunset," over at their MySpace page.

Finally, the band has announced the addition of Underminded’s Nick Martin on guitar, now making them a six-piece.

A Coloring Storybook And Long-Playing Record EP reissue track listing:

1. Pulling A Piano From A Pond

2. Goodbye Friendship, Hello Heartache

3. Umbrellas And Elephants

4. Our Honeymoon At Weston Hills

5. The Wordless

6. You Told Me You Loves Me

7. Crossing Our Fingers For Summer

8. If Lilly Isn’t Back By Sunset