Abacus Recordings band the Goodwill have parted ways with vocalist Brian Barbuto, and are currently looking to audition new vocalists. Here‘s a statement from guitarist Travis Johnides:

" just wanted to let everyone know that we have decided to part ways with vocalist Brian Barbuto. This decision did not come easy but we knew it was the right decision to make. There are incredible ‘things‘ just around the corner for The Goodwill. We are extremely excited to share this with all of you when that time comes. So until then, thanks again to everyone who has been sharing this incredible journey with us; but keep in mind that you haven‘t seen a damn thing just yet!"

The band have also posted a list of qualities they‘re looking for in a new lead singer; you can find them below. If you think you have what it takes, drop the group a line at [email protected].


*We are not just looking for someone who can sing. We are looking for a frontman. We are looking for someone who can use more than just their voice to lead this band. A confident look and onstage demeanor is a must!

*Living in or near to Long Island , NY is a plus.

*MUST be able to do the band full-time (tour 8-10 months out of the year).

*Experience as a lead vocalist is a plus.

*Playing an additional instrument is a plus.

*Experience on the road/touring is a plus.