DIY party punks Bomb The Music Industry! will enter the studio tomorrow to begin recording their next full-length (which will be their fifth in four years, for those counting at home), Scrambles.

The band also detailed the album’s track listing, as well as mentioning that it will "have a ton of weird stuff on it." The recording will cost under $50 according to frontman Jeff Rosenstock.

Scrambles is set for a January 20th, 2009 release, though Rosenstock did not specify if that was digital and physical (but given the immediacy of the digital format, most likely digital). Like the band’s last full-length, 2007’s Get Warmer, it will be released for free digitally via Quote Unquote and physically on Asian Man.

The band also released a split 10" last year with O Pioneers!!! on Quote Unquote / Team Science / Asbestos.

Scrambles track listing:

1. Cold Chillin’ Cold Chillin’

2. Stuff That I Like

3. It Shits!!!

4. Fresh Attitude, Young Body

5. Wednesday Night Drinkball

6. 25!

7. Celebrities Gone Wild or $2,400,000

8. Gang Of Four Meets the Stooges But Boring

9. 9/11 Fever

10. (Shut) Up the Punx!!!

11. Can I Pay My Rent In Fun?

12. Saddr Weirdr

13. On To Browner Pastures