Veteran metal/hardcore act Turmoil have posted the instrumental version of a new song, "Papercuts," to their MySpace page as they search for a new vocalist. The band is encouraging candidates to write their own lyrics, record vocals over the song and email it to them. It’s available as a download here. This type of audition has certainly worked for at least one person before.

The new vocalist would then record vocals for the band’s new 13-song album, which is finished musically but not vocally.

"We are definitely interested in hearing different vocal styles," says the band in a blog posting. "Anything from Deadguy to Torche to the Bronx to the Melvins to Sheer Terror to Exodus. We are looking to expand the dynamics of the band. We’ve already done it musically and we’d like to do it vocally as well."

Once finished, the album will be released on Eulogy, presumably in 2009.

The band released the Staring Back discography in 2005 on the now-defunct Abacus Recordings.