UPDATED at 3:40 P.M. EST:

Jawbreaker have posted a MySpace bulletin with some updates despite, you know, being otherwise inactive since their 1996 breakup.

The band’s debut full-length, 1990’s Shredder Records-released Unfun, is being remastered for a reissue in early 2009 on drummer Adam Pfahler’s Blackball Records label. In fact, it seems like it’s being re-remastered, as Pfahler commented, "There were ‘flutters’ in that first pass, which is a techie way of saying that gummy leader tape splices between the songs made the beginnings and endings sound like they had been drinking, which is a longwinded way of saying that it was fucked up."

The reissue will contain bonus tracks of the 7" version of "Busy," the title record of which came out in 1989, and alternate mixes of "Want" and "Fine Day." It will be exclusively available on both compact disc and vinyl format in Hot Topic stores. "Hot Topic, you ask?" Pfahler rhetorically responds. "I said it. They have been incredibly supportive these past few years, stocking our records and shirts in all of their stores. Jawbreaker swag doesn’t make it into a lot of national chains, so I’m happy that it’s out there where kids can get to it."

Additionally, Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach stepped in to comment as well, notably mentioning that he’s playing in a new band. He revealed no other details on the unnamed project, which is his first since the 2003 dissolving of Jets To Brazil, his post-Jawbreaker indie rock outfit that also involved former members of Helmet and Texas Is The Reason. Schwarzenbach, a professor at Hunter College in New York City, also talks about his master’s thesis in the bulletin.

Finally, the Jawbreaker documentary is about halfway done. It’s being worked on by Tim Irwin and Keith Schieron, the makers of the well-received 2005 Minutemen documentary, "We Jam Econo."

UPDATE: Jawbreaker have posted another bulletin, saying this time that though the Unfun reissue will be available at Hot Topic, it will not be exclusive to the chain. Rather, it will be available at all retail stores nationwide.