OnGuard, the rather short-lived solo project for Jason Shevchuk, currently of None More Black and formerly of LaGrecia and Kid Dynamite, now has an EP up for free download.

The EP is titled This Has It’s Price And That Price Has Been Paid and was released by Red Sound Records. You can find all six tracks as well as cover art and tray card here.

The tracks were recorded by Shevchuk in the fall and winter of 2006 and were originally conceived as demos for a full-length. From there, Shevchuk would go with a full-band approach, having formed LaGrecia, who abruptly broke up this past May after releasing just one full-length. Just prior to that, the reformation of None More Black had been announced.

OnGuard only released one other official song: "It’s Like Blaming Cupcakes," which appeared on the 2007 compilation, Volume One, from Generic Insight Radio and Eternal Hope Records.