Tommy Corrigan, the respective current and former frontman of Long Island melodic hardcore acts Capital and Silent Majority, made a recent post on the Glassjaw forum regarding the band’s new, mystically still-in-limbo album.

The long-time friend of the band said:

"I for the most part heard a complete Glassjaw CD LAST winter. It had a Latin/Spanish music feel to some songs. It had some nice grooves, kinda like a Massive Attack thing going on in some parts. All it needed was vocals.

"There were SOME vocals recorded but they sounded to me
like "idea" tracks with a lot of scatting/gibberish
basically laid down to get the flow/vocal melodies of the songs."

This confirms the rumors that the album has essentially been recorded musically but is still waiting for vocals to be fully recorded by frontman Daryl Palumbo. It was hinted at earlier this month by bassist Manny Carrero, who nonetheless expressed doubt about when it would come out.

Palumbo currently spends time in Head Automatica, contributed to the United Nations full-length earlier this year and is looking to release the debut EP with his House Of Blow project by the end of fall.

Back in June, principal songwriter Justin Beck promised a release "well before the end of the year."

Glassjaw last released Worship And Tribute in 2002.