Marky Ramone will embark on a European tour later this month with a backing band that will include former Misfits frontman Michale Graves on vocals. The band will also include guitarist Alex Kane and bassist Clare pproduct, both from UK glam-punks AntiProduct.

The band’s set will reportedly "consist of songs that led to Marky’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." One would imagine this would include a few songs from a certain band Ramone played in for some time.

We had a web-exclusive interview with Marky this past summer.

11/26 – Piacenza´, Italy

11/27 – Padova, Italy at La Gabbia

11/ 28 – Belgrade, Servia at The Youth Culture Center

11/ 29 – Skopje, Macedonia at the Taksirat X Festival, Metropolis Arena

12/ 1 – Cosenza, Italy at B-Side

12/3 – Porto Potenza Picena, Macerata, Italy at Rockaway Club

12/4 – Rome, Italy

12/ 5 – Salonica, Greece at Mylos Club

12/ 6 – Athens, Greece at 2nd Screamin’ Athens Horror Festival at Gagarin club