The United Nations (the real U.N., as in the global conglomeration of governing bodies) has ordered United Nations (the screamo/grind side-project featuring members of Thursday, Glassjaw, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Converge and Kiss It Goodbye) to take down their Facebook page. Apparently, The U.N. didn’t take too kindly to the band’s use of their name, and issued a cease and desist order. A slightly tongue-in-cheek e-mail from their label, Eyeball Records, reads:

The United Nations, an international organization of some kind, has been taking issue with the band that shares it’s name. Who had the name first remains open to debate, but the problem exists nonetheless.

The e-mail continues to encourage fans to "get the United Nations album while you still can."

While it’s difficult to be sure whether this a legitimate plea to get the record before it’s pulled from store shelves, or just a clever marketing ploy, it isn’t the first time the band has run into controversy. Stores refused to carry the initial pressing of the CD with its original artwork due to copyright issues. A new version with a different cover was released in its place, while the offending copies were sold off online directly from the band.