Post-hardcore act Mikoto have lost three members of their band, less than two months after Torque Records‘ release of their debut full-length, We Are The Architects.

The departing members include drummer Max Cuzor, guitarist/vocalist Matt Moody and bassist Kelly Orr, who are all leaving to focus on their electro-pop outfit Teen Hearts.

Though the MySpace blog has since been deleted, Orr reportedly explained:

"I’ve heard a lot of talk about Teen Hearts being sellouts or whatever you want to call it these days. But when it comes down to it, pop music is the style of music I have always loved to listen to and play…

"I just wrote some songs for fun and recorded them and kids really ended up liking them and it started to take off. It wasn’t my intention for this to happen, it just did…

"Mikoto is made up of some of the most amazing dudes I’ve ever met and in no way do I hold any grudges towards any of them and I hope they feel the same way about me. They understand that when an opportunity comes along for you to do something you love and something you see so much potential in, it would just be silly to not pursue it."

The remaining members include guitarist Martin Diaz and frontman Ray Harkins.

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