LI/NYHC act Deathcycle will be breaking up early next year.

"After almost 6 years, we have mutually decided that we are all heading in different directions and the band cannot continue to create as we have," said the band in a message. "Some of us have changed, some of us have remained steadfast. I guess not so much "musical differences" as much as "directional differences." The important thing is that we have come forth and been honest with what we all want and expect from each other not just as a band, but as friends."

The band, who featured ex- and current members of Madball, Kill Your Idols, Sheer Terror and None More Black, will play their last show in early 2009.

They released two full-lengths, the most recent being Lifeline Records’ Prelude To Tyranny, as well as one 7" and respective splits with the Spark, Solidarity Pact and the Holy Mountain.

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