Hawthorne Heights have announced that their future recordings will be released by Wind-Up Records. The band had a well-documented turbulent relationship with their last label, Victory Records. The band released their third and final album for Victory, Fragile Future, last August. The band will release their Wind-Up debut later this year.

We spoke with drummer Eron Bucciarelli about the change, and he had this to say:

"Over the last couple of years we were actively speaking with several major labels, even coming close to signing to one. Due to our legal situation at the time, the label backed out. That experience gave us a taste of the major label system and how they operate. For us, it was not something we wanted to be involved with. Fortunately for us, we hadn’t signed anything. We avoided label consolidations, layoffs and lengthy legal battles which would have sidelined our career even longer. After Casey [Calvert, guitar] passed away, we re-evaluated our priorities, put aside our differences with Victory and settled our legal dispute.

With the drama behind us, we were free to find a new home. We met with Wind Up and really liked their operation. They’re still an indie but with the power of a major. We liked how most of the people that will be working our records have been there for 10 years or more. Its a tight knit group who still truly put the music first and that’s comforting to us.

To put it simply, we’re stoked! We’ve been working on our new album since last May, and we hope to have it out later this year."

Frontman J.T. Woodruff also released this statement:

“We are extremely happy to be a member of the Wind-up Records stable of artists. It was very important for us to choose a label that has maintained a consistent staff and who understands who we want to be as Hawthorne Heights. We are thankful for everyone we have worked with in the past, and are incredibly excited about our future. As musicians it is crucial to be inspired by your surroundings, and right now we feel exactly that. Inspired….”