Although it’s been common knowledge that Every Time I Die were expected to sign to Epitaph after leaving Ferret last year, the label made the official announcement of the signing today. The band will work on their label debut this spring with producer Steve Evetts, and the album is expected to be released this fall.

Frontman Keith Buckley had this to say:

"To be given the opportunity to start anew after existing for over ten years in an environment that has chewed up and spit out most bands in a quarter of that time is nothing short of a miracle. We are extremely honored and humbled by the faith that our new family at Epitaph has placed in us to continue writing music that is true to ourselves and true to our supporters.

While most bands are looking for their 15 minutes of fame, Every Time I Die knows that Epitaph is the ONLY label where the soil is fertile enough for punk/rock bands to thrive on the ethics that got them started and we are proud to hang our hats within their walls.

Our first Epitaph release will be recorded this spring with Steve Evetts and thus far is proving to capture the excitement of our new lease on life and the aggressive energy we are notorious for. See you in hell, otherwise known as the road. ETID."