NOFX announce next album, Coaster

February 24, 2009
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NOFX have announced some information on their next album, Coaster.

The 12-song album will also be released on vinyl, or as the band calls it, frisbee.

Coaster is due out on Fat April 28th, following up 2006’s Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing.

The band also has a trailer up for the Backstage Pass DVD, due out March 17th.

In related news, the label will be releasing Designated Vol. 1, the next 7" from California hardcore act Bullet Treatment. The six-track EP will have the same music for every song, but with a different vocalist each time: Swingin’ Utters Johnny Bonnel, Only Crime’s Russ Rankin, Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett, Rise Against’s Tim Mcilrath, Star Fucking Hipsters’ Stza and Chris #2 of Anti-Flag.

Written by AltPress