Emery‘s fourth full-length on Tooth and Nail, In Shallow Seas We Sail, is set to release June 2nd. The album follows-up their 2008 EP, While Broken Hearts Prevail.

Emery will play at Give It A Name festivals in Europe in April alongside Taking Back Sunday and Underoath. They will then play miscellaneous shows in the U.S.

Track listing

01) Cutthroat Collapse

02) Curbside Goodbye

03) Inside Our Skin

04) Churches and Serial Killers

05) Butcher’s Mouth

06) In Shallow Seas We Sail

07) The Poor and the Prevalent

08) The Smile, The Face

09) A Sin to Hold on To

10) Piggy Bank Lies

11) Edge of the World

12) Dear Death Part 1

13) Dear Death Part 2