Carry The Torch, the 39-track Kid Dynamite tribute album, is officially set for release. In the works for a year and a half, the album is said to include versions of every Kid Dynamite song, featuring the likes of This Is Hell, No Trigger, Broadway Calls, Hour Of The Wolf, the Ergs!, This Time Next Year and more.

Streams of three songs are now on a MySpace page as well: No Trigger’s "K05-0564," Sakes Alive!!’s "News At 11" and This Time Next Year’s "3 O’Clock."

Some retrospectives will be provided in the liner notes by KD members Dan Yemin and Dave Wagenschutz. Yemin will also guest on No Harm Done’s "Three’s A Party."

Carry The Torch: A Tribute To Kid Dynamite is due out on CD via Get Outta Town on July 7th and vinyl via Black Numbers July 14th.

Carry The Torch track listing::

Antillectual – Wrist Rocket

Smartbomb – Heart A Tact

Ernie Parada – Bench Warmer

Call It Fire – 32FPS

Fallen From The Sky – Pits and Poison Apples

12 Cent – Pacifier

Broadway Calls – Bookworm

All Teeth – Never Met The Gooch

Deny Everything – Zuku’s Back in Town

No Secrets Between Sailors – Living Daylights

Lewd Acts – Ph. Decontrol

Comadre – Death And Taxes

No Harm Done – Three’s A Party *Featuring Dan Yemin of Kid Dynamite and Danielle Allen of Offsides

First To Leave – SOS

The Golden Age – Got A Minute?

Death Is Not Glamorous – Pause

Make Do and Mend – Ronald Miller Story

Endgame – Copout

Get Back Up – Sweet Shop Syndicate

Static Radio NJ – Give ‘em the Ripped One

To The Lions – Rid Of The Losers, Bring On The Cruisers

Stay Warm – Showoff

Hollywood – Gate 68

Take My Chances – Handy With The Tongue Sword

Hour of the Wolf – Breakin’s A Memory

The Geeks – Shiner

No Trigger – k05-0564

Jump The Shark – Scary Smurf

Sakes Alive – News at 11

Latin For Truth – Table 19

The Ergs! – Fuckuturn

Soldiers – Introduction to the Opposites

Kill Conrad – Rufus Wants A Hug

Spanish Gamble – The Unheard Chorus

Torchbearer – The Penske File

The Wonder Years – Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems

This is Hell – Troy’s Bucket

Troublemaker – Two For Flinching

This Time Next Year – 3 O’clock