Finch and blessthefall have been tapped by Atticus Clothing to co-headline this year’s Atticus Tour. Other bands performing on the cross-country road trip include Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Vanna, Of Mice & Men and Let’s Get It. You can check out all stops below:

Oct 9 2009, 6:30P at The Clubhouse, Tempe, Arizona

Oct 10 2009, 6:00P at Chain Reaction, Anaheim, California

Oct 11 2009, 6:00P at Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, California

Oct 13 2009, 6:30P at Sunshine Theater, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Oct 14 2009, 6:30P at Casa Blanca Ballroom, Laredo, Texas

Oct 15 2009, 6:00P at House of Rock, Corpus Christi, Texas

Oct 16 2009, 6:00P at White Rabbit, San Antonio, Texas

Oct 17 2009, 6:00P at The Door, Dallas, Texas

Oct 18 2009, 6:00P at Meridian, Houston, Texas

Oct 20 2009, 6:30P at The Masquerade, Atlanta, Georgia

Oct 21 2009, 7:00P at Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Oct 22 2009, 6:00P at The State Theatre, St. Petersburg, Florida

Oct 23 2009, 6:00P at The Pit, Jacksonville, Florida

Oct 24 2009, 6:00P at Canal Club (downstairs), Richmond, Virginia

Oct 26 2009, 6:00P at Sonar, Baltimore, Maryland

Oct 27 2009, 5:30P at Highline Ballroom, New York, New York

Oct 28 2009, 6:30P at Crazy Donkey, Farmingdale, New York

Oct 29 2009, 6:00P at Space Center, Hooksett, New Hampshire

Oct 30 2009, 6:00P at Crocodile Rock (Cafe Downunder), Allentown, Pennsylvania

Oct 31 2009, 6:00P at Peabody’s, Cleveland, Ohio

Nov 1 2009, 5:30P at The Attic Club, Dayton, Ohio

Nov 2 2009, 6:00P at Headliners, Toledo, Ohio

Nov 3 2009, 6:00P at Mojoe’s, Orland Park, Illinois

Nov 5 2009, 6:30P at Remington’s Downtown, Springfield, Missouri

Nov 6 2009, 6:00P at Flytrap, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nov 7 2009, 6:00P at The Oz Cafe, Wichita, Kansas

Nov 8 2009, 6:00P at The Marquis Theatre, Denver, Colorado

Nov 9 2009, 6:00P at Murray Theatre, Salt Like City, Utah

Nov 11 2009, 6:00P at Studio Seven, Seattle, Washington

Nov 12 2009, 6:00P at The Blvd., Spokane, Washington

Nov 13 2009, 6:30P at Hawthorne Theatre, Portland, Oregon

Nov 14 2009, 6:00P at The Grand Ballroom @ UOP, Stockton, California

Nov 15 2009 at 6:00P at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, California

Nov 16 2009, 6:00P at Downtown Brew, San Luis Obispo, California

Nov 17 2009, 6:00P at Karma, Victorville, California

Nov 18 2009, 6:00P at The Glasshouse, Pomona, California

Nov 19 2009, 6:30P at Soma, San Diego, California