Chicago will be decimated the weekend of Nov. 4-5 due to Riot Fest 2005. The fest promises "Chicago‘s largest punk festival ever" and says that it will "feature the best national punk acts, while simultaneously displaying what Chicago Punk Rock has to offer." Old-school headliners include Dead Kennedys, Misfits, the Germs and the Dickies, and new(er)-school is represented by the Bouncing Souls, the Lawrence Arms, the Tossers, the Suicide Machines and tons more. Tickets are $27.50 per day, and can be purchased here. The lineup:

November 4

Dead Kennedys

Suicide Machines

The Dickies

The Lawrence Arms (Chicago)

Angry Samoans

Street Brats (Chicago)

The Unmutuals

Settle For Nothing (Chicago)

Vacation Bible School (Chicago)

Rule 22 (Chicago)

Short Of All (Chicago)

November 5

The Misfits

The Germs

The Bouncing Souls

Agent Orange

The Tossers

The Effigies

Channel 3

Minority One (Chicago)

Much The Same (Chicago)

Secret Agent Bill (Chicago)

Flatfoot 56 (Chicago)

M.O.T.O (Chicago)

The Gravetones (Chicago)

The Adversaries (Chicago)

The Groodies (Chicago)

Poison Control (Chicago)

Store Bought Rebels (Chicago)

Capital Eye (Chicago)

Out of Place (Chicago)

Hotlips Messiah (Chicago)