If you’ve been wondering what Rookie Of The Year have been up to since they wrapped up their recent tour, wonder no more. The band has posted a fresh new song on their MySpace called "When Our Fingers Touch" and have given the fans an update, which you can see below.

So here it is!! "When Our Fingers Touch", a brand new song for you guys and girls!! We weren’t planning on posting any of our new music up yet but we decided that since we are going to be testing this song out live on our headline tour we should give you all something new! This song is still in demo form and was recorded at the lovely Pearl Sound Studios with our amazing producer pal, Chuck Alkazian. You may see this song on an upcoming EP or it may even be on our new record when that drops.

It’s exciting times for us over here, we are an unsigned band for the first time ever and we have a crazy amount of new material that will EVEN please all of you "The Goodnight Moon" fans and maybe even win over your friends too. Thank you all for sticking with us, please spread the word about this new song and leave your comments about it on our page!! Make it your profile song, make tweets (?) to your friends, seriously anything helps! and MAKE SURE you come out and see us on our upcoming tour because there may not be another one for awhile.

love always,
rookie of the year