[Photo by: Twitter | @WinnieWrightTV]

Ah, Digiorno and Tombstone pizza lovers were in for quite the disappointment (or treat?) on Wednesday when, in Arkansas, a truck carrying the pizzas crashed on a highway, leaving pizzas everywhere—kind of like Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, except in real life.

See the photos below!

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Arkansas Online had plenty of footage from the crash on Interstate 30 in Little Rock, and thank goodness no one was injured. But, as they report, there were plenty of “pizza fatalities.”

“There's a lot of frozen pizzas laying out on the interstate right now,” Arkansas Department of Transportation Department spokesman Danny Straessle told the news source. “Lots of pizza fatalities.”

Look at all the sauce.

Look at all the pizzas.

RIP to all those pizza pies that’ll never get a home.

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