In a statement on Twitter, Artery Recordings announced that they have decided to drop Slaves from their roster.

The news comes after multiple women coming forward on social media, accusing frontman Jonny Craig of assault.

Back in 2016, Slaves released a lyric video for their song “Winter Everywhere,” which was quickly removed due to a copyright claim from Artery Recordings.

“We have worked HARD for everything we have and it's time to take a stand against CORRUPT bullshit labels like Artery and so many alike,” they wrote. “Fuck your label, fuck you and fuck your money, we don't need it to play music.”

Artery Recordings president at the time, Shan Dan, released a statement regarding the controversy, confirming Slaves were “definitely still on our roster” and the label had “financed their recordings, etc.” 

The band signed to Artery Recordings in 2014.