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As It Is have confirmed they are parting ways with drummer Patrick Foley.

In a short video shared on Tuesday, Foley reveals he has decided to pursue a career as a firefighter.

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As It Is have seen a few lineup changes over the years. Last year, guitarist Ben Langford-Biss departed from the band to pursue other projects and life goals. The band went on the Ben Today, Gone Tomorrow tour which marked Langford-Biss’ last appearance with As It Is.

Now, it looks like As It Is are going through another lineup change. On Dec. 29, the band announced they are officially parting ways with Patrick Foley. The drummer has decided to pursue a career as a firefighter. In a short video to fans, Foley explains why he has made the tough decision to leave the band.

“It was a difficult decision to sort of tell you guys I’m going to step away now,” Foley says. “You know, when you’re younger and you sort of got no worries in the world, it’s like the life that everyone dreams for and I did. It was perfect, it was great, I loved it.”

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He goes on to say that this new career path for him is special enough that he is willing to step back from being the drummer of As It Is.

“If I was ever gonna step away from something as special as playing drums in a band, it would have to be something as equally special in my head which is putting myself on the line for other people,” he continues.

“Our brother and friend @foley_as_it_is has decided to step back from As It Is, to pursue a brand new career as a fire fighter. We could not be more proud of him (and are keeping him on speed dial for when we next use pyro in a live show) All love, Patty, Ali, Ronnie x”

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Patrick Foley has been with As It Is since the very beginning. He is featured on all three of the band’s full-length albums Never Happy, Ever After, okay. and The Great Depression.

Even though both Foley and Langford-Biss have both stepped away from the band, As It Is assure fans they aren’t going anywhere. As well, it looks like they have a lot of plans in store for 2021.

“There’s zero chance of us breaking up, and tbh what we have planned for you for 2021 should have you suuuuper excited.”

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