[Photo by: As December Falls/Facebook]

As December Falls have been the victims of a burglary last night in Nottingham, UK.

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Of the many items stolen from the British pop-rockers, possibly the worst was Ande Hunter's MacBook. The lead guitarist/vocalist's laptop contains all of the demos for the band's forthcoming debut album.

“The biggest heartbreak is we lost all the demos we’ve been working on for the new album,” the band comments. “Obviously we know the songs, but building up the demos again to the point where they’re ready for the studio next month is going to be a tough slog!”

“[We are] just so thankful they didn’t take any of the guitars or amps.”

The equipment was stolen overnight while the band were asleep in their home. A tablet, the band's camera and vocalist Bethany Curtis' phone were also taken.

If you have any information about the stolen items, please contact the band on Facebook, Twitter or at their email [email protected] The MacBook's serial number is C02T75FXGTFJ.

We hope that As December Falls can get their equipment back very soon!

Check out the band's latest video below: