UK-based pop rockers As It Is just dropped a new music video for their song “Hey Rachel,” taken from the band’s sophomore album okay., released Jan. 20 via Fearless Records.

Check out the video below!

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We caught up with frontman Patty Walters about their recent release, one of our Most Anticipated for 2017, and he said that they were willing to take chances on this record, without any worries of sticking to a particular sound or perception.

“What we decided was it was for the best of the record that we banned the phrase, ‘Oh, that doesn’t sound like As It Is,’ or, ‘That doesn’t sound like an As It Is song,’” Walters says. “In doing that, we were kind of freeing ourselves to write anything and everything.”

“That’s why down this record there are songs that are poppier than on our previous work, darker than our previous work, and it’s just overall a much more diverse and liberated sound because we weren’t conscious of whether it sounded like us or was right for the record. We just kind of experimented and had fun, and I hope that comes across.”

Plus, we caught up with Walters in our Twenty One Pilots issue #342, who gave more background on the song “Hey Rachel.” To get a copy of the issue, follow the links below!

In case you missed it, check out the band's first single off their new record, “Okay.” The album is available for purchase here.

Check out their video for “Hey Rachel” below!


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