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New Years Day members Ash Costello and Nikki Misery are joining Chris Hansen to speak about her perspective on Blood On The Dance Floor leader Dahvie Vanity‘s sexual assault allegations.

Costello and Misery are joining the To Catch A Predator host to discuss their relationship with Vanity as they toured with the band several times over the years.

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The two bands toured together numerous times and Ash Costello’s appearance was revealed last week.

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To start, Costello begins by explaining how she got to know Vanity. She says she had no idea who the band were initially but after signing to Hollywood Waste in 2011 they went on tour with the band. She says New Years Day thought they were a nice band when they met them but had heard rumors they were sketchy as well.

When Hansen asks when they realized Vanity wasn’t as nice as he initially seems, Costello tells a story about him choking her in a dressing room.

The first incident she felt was strange was after a show at the Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood. The bands were outside chatting with fans when Vanity took her by surprise and started drawing all over her face with a sharpie. She played off the incident as a minor fumble and let it go. Then, she says things changed.

“I was in the dressing room, I think I was in the dressing room. This was almost ten years ago so it’s a little hazy. He had a super soaker full of water that he would shoot at the crowd. He came in and shot me, no warning directly right in the face with one of those big powerful ones. It ruined my makeup and I remember running to the bathroom and sitting in the stall and going ok, this is bullying or something. Something doesn’t feel right.”

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She says she had a talk with him and explained it was inappropriate but Vanity was understanding and said he wouldn’t do it again.

Misery says he hardly had any interactions with Vanity beyond saying hi quickly while passing each other. Costello then tells her story of the choking incident on the “All the Rage Tour”.

“It’s Halloween night, I’ve already played. I think Blood On The Dance Floor is about to play and we’re playing a venue in Milwaukee called the Rave. The way that the backstage area works at the Rave is it’s one big backstage that’s divided by curtains. So, with me being the female, everyone knew to kind of give me my space or if I say I’m changing don’t cross the curtain and I would have a guy stand there and watch out.”

“So Nikki and my guitar player at the time Jake Jones were standing at the door. I guess they weren’t paying attention or it was the wrong door or they were talking or whatever. I’m rummaging through my suitcase and I’m backstage alone, it’s kind of dark. It’s not a very brightly lit dressing room as I remember and I hear a sound as I stand up and I’m going through my suitcase. I turn around and there’s a figure standing like, you know [crosses arms across her chest], like this with a cloak. They’re wearing a bunny mask and they’re just there looking at me.”

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“Now, the reason I believe this is Dahvie is because one I could see his hair sticking out from behind the mask. It was his height because he’s quite short and it was one of the costumes he wears on stage during that tour. So, he’s not saying anything and not moving and I’m like kind of playing it off like haha, you got me. You startled me good job.”

“Out of nowhere, he lept over all of the suitcases and tumbled me to the ground and started choking me. I remember this part until the day I die. He was choking me so to the point where I couldn’t even let out a scream or let out the word stop or you’re hurting me. I remember thinking this man knows what he’s doing because his thumbs, I specifically remember his thumbs being perfectly in my airway or whatever you call it. It was perfectly placed to cut off my breathing.”

She says the band were 100 percent sure it was Dahvie and spoke to him after the incident and he did apologize. The reasoning provided was that it was a Halloween prank.

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Elsewhere in the interview, they say the second tour they did together Vanity didn’t really interact with the band at all. That leads to their third tour together which also featured Jeffree Star and Davey Suicide.

As rumors started increasingly coming to her, Costello says she started noticing more and more underage girls hanging out backstage. She recalls a time when she passed a tour bus and could see a girl giving oral sex to someone. She also says mothers would be looking for their daughters and Blood On The Dance Floor crew members would tell them in crude ways about them sleeping with Dahvie.

Costello says she didn’t confront him at the time as he now had two large security guards and it became difficult to even get near him.

The band members all agreed they didn’t want to tour with the band anymore after a while on the road. They’d been told by their former management to stick the tour out but did not want to. Costello told a fan she wasn’t going to sing with the band that night and the fan told Blood On The Dance Floor who kicked them off.

According to Costello, Dahvie Vanity told her the band could stay on the tour if she got down on her knees and apologized.

Further in the interview, they also discuss the legal threats made over a Tumblr post against Vanity, other girls reaching out to Costello and that there are at least 49 public cases against him with close to 100 in total including ones that aren’t public.

She also reveals she has made police reports about Vanity but most law enforcement officials have said there isn’t enough evidence or that it isn’t the right kind of evidence.

You can watch the full video below.

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In 2018, an exposé with MetalSucks showed several women coming forward sharing their experiences with Torres. Some of the people speaking out ended up using pseudonyms to protect their identities. The history of the allegations began in 2006 with some victims being as young as 13 at the time of their assaults.

Huffington Post then posted an article detailing nearly two dozen scenarios of Vanity sexually assaulting women.

Following the multiple reports on the situation, Blood On The Dance Floor’s merch store on Big Cartel was pulled from their site.

Then, HuffPost wrote another article on the topic bringing the total number of potential victims from 16 to 21.

The majority of the allegations say that Torres forced them to perform oral sex. Of the women coming forward at the time, some said Torres wouldn’t let them stop until their “mouths bled”. The other seven women reported that Torres either molested or raped them.

Recently, Chris Hansen was discussing the details of his investigation into Onision and mentioned that Vanity was also on his radar. 

“Dahvie Vanity is on our radar here at Have a Seat with Chris Hansen and I promise you I’ll take a really good, hard look at it. We’ll be tackling that topic as we move forward in all these investigations.”

Last week, Hansen sat down with Jeffree Star who says he wants to help in whatever ways possible with the investigation.

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Initially, the MetalSucks exposé also detailed accounts from Star and Ash Costello of New Year’s Day saying that Torres engaged in inappropriate behavior with underage girls in front of them.

“Dahvie has always been horrible,” Star begins. I was happy that people are finally getting a voice because back in the day I don’t think a lot of people took things like this serious. The subject matter that we’re going to discuss today and everything that he’s been accused of. People back in the day did not take it as serious as they do now. Which is so horrible. So I’m glad that things are really coming to light and at the end of the day, the goal is for him to be sitting in a prison cell.”

Star also ended up discussing the early years of his music career and how he believes Torres got into making music because he was copying Star. Hansen asks Star if looking he saw anything Dahvie did that would horrify him today. 

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“Oh absolutely, the things that I’ve seen were very offensive,” Star says. “And looking back, it was the way he was such a master manipulator at making things seem not as crazy as they were. I’ve witnessed him be very inappropriate with people underage. Have I witnessed an actual crime? No.”

Star also elaborates on his tweets from 2012 towards Torres about being a “child molester” but emphasizes while he believed most of the rumors to be true, he never saw an actual crime.

Hansen also got former BOTDF member Fallon Vendetta to appear on the show last week. The pair lived together and briefly dated while former vocal coach and collaborator Jennifer Hill also showed up. You can read about their experiences here.

What do you think of Ash Costello’s comments about Dahvie Vanity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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