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Asking Alexandria are teasing something for this Friday, May 19!

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On Wednesday, the band posted the below image on their official social media outlets. It reads, “This Family is Forever,” and lists an apparent announcement time in multiple time zones: “9am, Los Angeles; Noon, New York; 1pm, Rio de Janeiro; 5pm, London; 6pm, Berlin; 7pm, Moscow.”



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As pointed out by Rock Sound, AA guitarist Ben Bruce, drummer James Cassells and bassist Sam Bettley also shared the image online.

As previously reported by AP, Asking Alexandria reunited with original vocalist Danny Worsnop back in October, following one album with interim vocalist Denis Stoff. The reconciled band have seemingly been in the studio as of late.

What could AA be about to reveal? Our money is definitely on a new song announcement and/or album release news. Here's what some Twitter users are guessing about Asking Alexandria's cryptic social media post:

Will it indeed be a new song? Maybe some news of upcoming tour dates?

Album announcement?

Will they be, um, breaking up?

Are you making a “dying whale noise” in anticipation?!

What big news do you think is coming from Asking Alexandria on Friday?

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