After a few choice words were spat in each other’s direction, it looks as though Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce and former frontman Danny Worsnop have squashed their beef.

Worsnop tweeted yesterday that he and Bruce “partied old school style” while drinking “almost a handle of Jameson.” 

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Bruce, on the other hand, sent out two tweets denying rumors that he had unfollowed current Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Shaforostov, 

“What is everyone talking about? I haven't unfollowed anyone in my band. I don't run Denis' social media so I don't know what his posts are about! I'm not in an argument with anyone. All these random stories going around are so strange!”

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He later responded to a fan saying. “I haven't unfollowed anyone. Me and Danny were best friends for a decade, we have rekindled our relationship.”

You can read all of the tweets below. Who do you prefer as the frontman of AA? Worsnop or Shaforostov? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!