[Ben Bruce photo credit: Instagram]

Around the same time that Asking Alexandria's singer Denis Stoff was replaced by original frontman Danny Worsnop, a fan, named Maxime Solemn, claims on his YouTube channel that Stoff allegedly owed him $500 for a guest vocal spot he purchased while Stoff was in the band Down & Dirty.

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Solemn claims that Stoff promised to pay him back, but after countless emails and messages, he never followed through with payment.

Guitarist Ben Bruce heard of the situation that was going on and offered to pay Solemn the $500 that was owed—despite it not being at the fault of Asking Alexandria.

“Ben Bruce saw the video and contacted me,” Solemn says in an interview. “I got the email of the confirmation of the $500 in my PayPal account, it was surreal.”

Solemn also posted the following message on his Facebook:
” just got an email, saying Asking Alexandria sent 500 dollars to my Paypal. Ben personally told me on Twitter he'd pay me back the money I lost to Denis and they did. Proving once again why this band is winning so hard in every single aspect. I'm lost for words right now.
Thank you.

AltPress reported about Worsnop returning to Asking Alexandria once Stoff departed the band. Scoff's ex-band, Make Me Famous, also responded about his departure saying, “Denis has some issues and according to Denis, the fault to his issues is everyone and anyone but himself.”

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