Atreyu, 2018

California alt-metal mavens Atreyu announce their upcoming seventh studio album In Our Wake with a pair of survival-minded new tunes. Below, hear the rueful new title track and an additional cut called “Anger Left Behind.”

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“In Our Wake” is accompanied by a totally epic visual that’s “unlike anything we’ve done before,” according to Atreyu bassist Porter McKnight. “We wanted to leave the viewer with a feeling of ‘What the fuck did I just watch!?’

“Most of our videos have been story-based or life-based,” he adds. “But with this, we just wanted the subtle thread of humanity’s growth and decline. It starts with water, then earth, nature, cityscapes, then slowly decaying humanity.”

According to McKnight, the new album explores humanity’s more destructive side: “We have a choice as a species to start giving a shit about ourselves and the world around us, and what we choose to make of this life.” In Our Wake hits Oct 12.

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