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There’s no doubt how ride or die Attila frontman Chris Fronzak is for his fans, but it looks like he could be facing a “battery charge” after he punched a security guard for disrespecting a fan at a recent show.

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It was recently reported that Fronzak threw a punch at one of the security guards during the band’s headlining show in Las Vegas. During the show, it was reported that venue security was allegedly being rough with those in attendance.

In an Instagram post that captured the moment, you can hear Fronzak yell profanities at one of the venue staff members while also punching them in the back of the head: 

“You’re gonna kick out our fucking fans because they crowdsurf?” he adds. “Fuck you, fuck you, you fucking bitch.”

Watch the moment below:

In a new report from KSNV NBC Las Vegas, the singer could potentially face a battery charge for what happened at the show.

Speaking with Contemporary Services Corporation, who was in charge of security, an anonymous fan and the music venue, the site found the following:

According to Nevada’s Vice President of the company, Jay Purvis, three security guards at the show were hurt due to Fronzak “sucker punching” two of the security guards and hitting one in the back of the head with a guitar.

Purvis also shared that the security was “all professional in performing their duties” and they have since filed a police report with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The news site spoke to an anonymous fan who was at the show, where the fan shared the following:

“The show was called Rage Fest, so it’s going to be rowdy no matter what,” he said. “You see the band going after the security after they had been kind of rough with the fans throughout the night. I would see them grabbing the fans. Almost like putting them in chokeholds while walking them away.”

Hard Rock also released a statement, which you can read below:

“The safety and security of our fans, staff and performers is our top priority. We are disappointed in the escalation of events at the Attila show last night. While we believe security acted in an appropriate way to protect the best interests of guests, we are reviewing the incident to ensure proper protocol was followed.”

When asked by KSNV via Twitter for a statement, the frontman simply responded that he didn’t want to do the interview  because “snitches get stitches.”