Attila frontman Chris “Fronz” Fronzak has launched his very own social media app, Spur, which allows users to share photos that can be seen by everyone—not just followers.

Additionally, Fronz claims that the app emits a “hate-free environment,” due to the fact that users cannot comment on photos, but rather simply vote them up or down.

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“Spur is a fun and simple photo sharing app that easily allows you to view the most popular photos worldwide,” Fronz explains. “Everyone on Spur has an equal opportunity to post popular content. I am hoping my app will encourage people to be adventurous and go on a quest to capture truly beautiful photos.”

“The app does not allow you to comment on photos, thus making it a hate-free environment where people can feel comfortable in their own skin,” he continues. “I truly think that Spur has the potential to become the next big app.”