Congratulations are in order for August Burns Red‘s vocalist Jake Luhrs, who recently published his new book, Mountains.

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The frontman took to Instagram to share the news of the book’s release yesterday, saying:

“So amazing to see people receiving their copy of “Mountains” today! If you’ve received your copy be sure to post and hashtag #HSmountains I want to thank you personally for grabbing a copy!”

The book, that’s now available on Amazon, dives into Luhrs personal struggles and how he overcame them. It also features 25 devotionals that Luhrs handpicked that helped him through hard times.

The official synopsis of the book reads:

“Conquering a mountain begins with one step.

At the base, we know that choosing to climb the mountain will cause pain and hardship. But that’s also the trade-off. Conquer the mountain and stand at the top weary, but satisfied? Or stand at the base wishing you were at the top?

Mountains is a devotional for men and women who want to hear real stories of faith, struggle, defeat, and wins and are tired of Christian cliches and platitudes. Follow Grammy-nominated musician, Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red, as he guides you through the Mountains he’s faced in life and came out stronger in his relationship with God.

Along the way, he’ll encourage you to face your demons, keep the faith, grow in love, and fight to reach the top with twenty-five handpicked Scriptures which encouraged him through his darkest valleys.”

Proceeds of the book will go to help fund further projects by Luhrs’ charity, Heart Support.

You can grab your copy of the book here.

In addition to the book’s release, August Burns Red have announced that they will be holding a contest for those who purchased the book.

Per the band’s Instagram, 10 lucky fans will get the chance to fly out to Austin, Texas to go on a retreat with Jake and talk about life, faith and recent struggles.

Check out the details below:

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