Avenged Sevenfold stopped a show in Belgium to help an injured fan.

The band were playing “Bat Country” when vocalist M. Shadows noticed the fan had passed out. You can watch a video of the moment below.

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Avenged Sevenfold had to stop their set at the Graspop Metal Meeting festival in Belgium last weekend to help a fan who was hurt.

During “Bat Country,” Shadows noticed there was something wrong with a fan and called security to help.

“Someone’s really hurt in there,” the frontman said, after asking the band to stop playing. “They’re knocked out cold. You gotta get them out.”

“Don’t touch their neck, let someone professional do it,” Shadows warned fans.

The band waited for the fan to be safely removed from situatioj and took a second to praise the crowd for their help.

“You guys are the best crowd I’ve ever seen,” the musician said, explaining Avenged Sevenfold would leave the stage for a few minutes and then come back to finish their set.

“We were all moshing when a boy fell down and a few other persons fell on him. When getting back up, they realized the first boy was laying unconcious on the ground,” he wrote. “When Matt says that we were the best crowd at 1:41, it’s because we all spontaneously made room for the medics to come help the boy out.”
You can watch a video of the moment below:

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