[Photo credit: Jeff Forney]

Avenged Sevenfold have just unleashed a new music video for their song “God Damn.” Watch it below!

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The vid premiered exclusively over at Billboard on Wednesday, with A7X vocalist M. Shadows telling the mag of the clip's raucous concert concept merging into a semi-commentary on digital surveillance.

“The main idea was to get fans involved and make sure the kids knew this is a song full of energy, first and foremost—'Hey, this is a record we can wrap our heads around. It's cool live stuff. It's a rockin' song'—but at the same time, we wanted the technological hint in there, so as the video progresses you start seeing things glitching out and all of a sudden the world turns digital. And by the end, there's a little nod to the lyrics; you see an eyeball kind of in there as an Easter egg, which is kind of big brother watching what we do the whole time as the humans turn into a digital world.”

“God Damn” is taken from the band's seventh studio album, The Stage, released in October of 2016.

Earlier this month, A7X released a behind-the-scenes preview clip of the “God Damn” video. Check that out here: