Earlier this year it was revealed that Avenged Sevenfold were getting sued by Warner Bros. Records for breaching their contract after only giving the label four albums instead of the contracted five.

The case against A7X could potentially be the first suit based on the “seven-year rule” to make its way to trial.

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The Wall Street Journal has reported that the band, who is now signed with Capitol Records, will be facing court time in 2017 despite the band exercising the “seven-year rule” put in place by the state of California. “Attorneys for Warner Music are likely to seek damages based on sales and streaming of The Stage, according to people familiar with the matter,” WSJ reports.

The record label will need to provide an exact monetary amount of damages lost following A7X's album release on a rival label, but attorneys for the band say The Stage shouldn't be used as a guide given the different approaches each label would have taken into promoting and marketing it.

While the band has not commented on this new development, an attorney for the band says, “We don’t know what Warner could have done with an Avenged album other than screw it up.”

Warner Bros. recently announced they'll be releasing an A7X greatest hits album—one the band had no idea about. Talking to Rolling Stone about the release, frontman M. Shadows says, “I learned about the Warner album for the first time last Friday. That was a surprise to us.”

On Friday, the band surprised released their seventh studio album, The Stage, both digitally and in-stores.

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