[Photos by: Marvel Entertainment, Instagram/HotTopic]

Avengers: Infinity War will be here soon enough, and you can be prepared for the film with several beauty products inspired by the infinity stones themselves.

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Hot Topic dropped the incredible beauty collection inspired by Infinity War, just in time for the movie's release.

First, there's an eyeshadow palette. It's filled with the colors of each infinity stone: reality (red), space (bright blue), mind (gold), time (green), soul (orange) and power (bright purple). If these colors are too bold for you, the palette includes neutrals as well, making this the perfect palette for any skin tone or look.

avengers eyeshadow
[Photo by: Hot Topic]

Plus, take your look to the next level with press-on nails and bath bombs that look like the infinity stones themselves.

avengers nails and bath bombs
[Photo by: Hot Topic, Hot Topic]

The nails are designed with a gem in each one to resemble the infinity stones. And the bathbomb set is comprised of six bathbombs that smell of tea tree and rosemary, each resembling one of the six stones.

The final two products in the collection are a purfume and lipstick collection.

avengers lipstick and perfume
[Photo by: Hot Topic, Hot Topic]

The perfume has an amber and honeysuckle sweet scent. Plus, that awesome bottle! And the lipsticks are as we expected, one for each color of the infinity stones with added shimmer.

Each product is sold separately from Hot Topic, and you'll want to grab yours soon since Avengers: Infinity War is out April 27!

Get excited, and watch the official Infinity War trailer below.