Waterparks 2019 dream boy fandom
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After debuting the clean version of their track “Turbulent,” vocalist Awsten Knight later revealed Waterparks had six other versions of the track on his phone.

Ever since then, fans have been begging for the release of these different versions. Now it looks a new version of “Turbulent” has surfaced—this time in the form of ASMR.

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Last month, Knight confirmed the multiple versions of the track, tweeting out a screenshot that included a slow version and a nightcore remix.

Last night, Awsten Knight tweeted a Soundcloud link to the ASMR remix.


Fans had some very hilarious reactions to the latest version of “Turbulent,” with some questioning what Knight was thinking with this remix.

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You can listen to the ASMR remix Knight shared, below.

If you find yourself needing to clear that version from your ears, you can listen to the original song below.

What are your thoughts on the ASMR version of “Turbulent” that Knight shared? Sound off in the comments below!

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